Simbrief no opening

i try to open simbrief and get SIM BRIEF IS ALREADY RUNNING
so i cant open it

Hi, can you post a screenshot of the message you are seeing?

Please see Posting Guide - Uploading Screenshots if necessary.

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trying to figure out how to send u that
but that error comes up and i cant continue to open simbrief

I am unfamiliar with that error message, and normally SimBrief runs in the web browser so it doesn’t make sense to see such a message.

Are you perhaps trying to launch the SimBrief Downloader?

A screenshot would be helpful if you can send one. :slight_smile:


Found error
Opporator error… ME
Appreciate ur response
Just getting into this complex program
Can u suggest a good tutorial on getting a flt plan in plane
Also I have airfoils kind 350 and fmc says out of date
I looked on ur plane / developer selection but could not fine it
Thanks again

Hi, if you update the base X-Plane AIRAC data it should also update the FMC I believe. This video might be of help: Update the AIRAC Cycle for X-Plane 12 - How to Resolve NAVDATA Out of Date Issue for X-Plane 12 - YouTube

To get a SimBrief flight plan into the airplane, you would export or download the X-Plane 11/12 format into the <XPlane>/Output/FMS plans folder. Then in the FMC, there should be a way to import it. Maybe by clicking the “Route Menu” line but I’m not sure, I couldn’t find any tutorials for this part.

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Will give it a try
Thank u do much … the program is intense as u know so little steps at a time

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Please explain how to update x plane Airac ??
So I can get all my plane FMC updated as u suggested