P3D MaddogX AIRAC not updated

when i send flight plan from simbrief to the maddog md80 the correct airac and the date do not show in the fmc, sometimes the airac is ok but the date date is not there , please contact me email dh.55haynes@gmail.com ok dave ps is there in simbrief to change the date and airac so it gose to my fmc.

Hello, thanks for reaching out. Can you share a screen shot of your MD-80 FMC INDEX page where the AIRAC cycle is listed?


can you see from the picture the date is wrong everytime i send a flight plan from simbrief, also simbrief is not sending the correct airac to the fmc of the maddog

The AIRAC cycle is not something simBrief sends to the aircraft. It’s just the database currently installed on the aircraft.

To update the database, if you have a Navigraph subscription, you can use Navigraph Navdata Center (for MSFS) or Navigraph FMS Data Manager (all other sims).



i have the full navigraph active sky, my question was the date from simbrief is not going into the maddog fmc simbrief should send the airac as well because that is part of the flight plan Rod.
could you talk to me on skype please or some other method, ps how do you do a pushback in the maddog cannot find it, now i have fsdreamteam to do it let me know dave.

No, it isn’t.



i have spoken to you before from England, could you send me the full answer, go on skype speak to me its free sir, use my full name or ring my mobile 07814262804

Rodeo, airac is in my account the information is correct, so why is simbrief not sending all the information to the maddog, sometimes the CID is missing i think you need to check this out, if you don’t mind Rodeo.

Lets start again Rodeo, simbrief is not sending the AIRAC and the proper DATE, To the maddog, so could you show me the settings in simbrief or how to fix this problem, or you talk me through the problem through skype.
Please explain what you want to do, David Haynes.

is this correct in the fmc airac-2302 feb23mar23/23

can you answer me please david haynes

No, currently we have AIRAC 2303 (MAR/23 - APR/19/23) - you must update your Maddog via the Navigraph Navdata Center to be in sync between SimBrief (latest AIRAC 2303) and the Maddog addon.


to me thats incorrect, simebrief each day you fly should send the airac and the date you fly is that correct Rodeo

I´m not Rodeo but I can also answer it:
No it´s not correct the data will only be changed every 28-days (AIRAC cycle), so in these period the data are “static” (and will not be changed - so this is not a dynamic process from day to day, from flight plan to flight plan), independent when you file a flight plan in this period. So SimBrief send you only the flightplan with the valid waypoints, navaids, airways in this cycle period. That´s it … not more.

AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control) is a system that governs the planning and updating of aeronautical information used in aviation navigation. The AIRAC system ensures that all aviation stakeholders, including pilots, air traffic controllers, and airlines, are working with the same information and data, reducing the risk of miscommunication and improving overall safety in air travel.

As I have mentioned before, to be in sync between the created flight plan from SimBrief and the addons, you must install the AIRAC files in the addon too.


this the screen sho

t, i have updated navdata manager to 2303

It seems your installation path is wrong …

When I look on your screenshot of the FMS Data Manager, you have manually added the Maddog addon (button: USER) - the question is why? Normally, the FMS Data Manager found it automatically.

Remove the Maddog line in the FMS Data Manager, close the manager, re-start it and re-scan your system.


i will do that, what if it dose not pick up the maddog what do i do next sir

removed maddog pressed scan it dose not pick up the maddog, let me phone you sir then we can do it while on the phone, give me the number