Simbrief no datas ProSim A320

since a few day’s SimBrief has not work here, webpage is work, i can generate my flightplan, but i have no link with simulator, inside the cockpit, mcdu’s…INIT page…flight will not appears

I have tested the SimBrief link now and the webpage starts without any issue:

Please, explain your title with your subject in more details. The webpage is working here as expected.
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I know the webpage is working & my flightplan is generate, issue is i can’t see in A320 MCDU…works perfect a few day’s before…

Hi, it’s possible you need to update your SimBrief ID or username in the ProSim configuration. You can check them at the top of this page:

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I have no change anything in my Simbrief ID or in my Prosim configuration

When, i check, message appears, same ID as Navigraph, in this page, i appears connected…

When i use Simbrief web page, my ID is right, i can use a new flightplan, issue appears when i try open the init page in MCDU…( last week was without issue) why ?


Alain Corbisier

Hi, unfortunately I can find no issues on SimBrief’s side. The API returns your flight data correctly.

Is it possible something changed in ProSim? Maybe ask their support if they know of any issues or have any ideas on what might be causing it.

I don’t have ProSim, but it looks like the SimBrief ID setting page looks like this?

Your ID should be 150860. If that is set correctly then the issue must be on ProSim’s side, the SimBrief API is returning your data correctly when that ID used.

Thank you so mutch for prompt response,

Probably my side issue…this appears with W10 update, so many times…

I let you know if i fix it…


Alain Corbisier

Hi again,

Thank you so mutch, it will operate now,

Another little request, are SIDS/STARS available in Simbrief ?


Alain Corbisier

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