Simbrief Manual downloads

Update 2023.38
Unlike earlier versions… doing a manual download of ‘XML Datafile’ via the ’ Download’ button currently automatically opens the page in a new browser tab, rather than as previous, actually download and save the file.
Is this new behavior by design?

Hi, not so much by design, but more a consequence of maintaining cross-compatibility across different browsers.

If you want to avoid opening in a new tab, the easiest way would be to right-click the Download button and choose “Save Link As…”

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I had worked out your get-a-round method. :slight_smile:

But I don’t get the same response when I try to download, via the download button, a ‘Milviz’ or ‘Prosim 737’ download ( both .xml file formats too ), so presumed, maybe wrongly, a coding set-up error.

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