Simbrief Downloader not downloading?

I have SimBrief Downloader running in the background in the taskbar but I still need to manually open it and click ‘Export Selected Formats’ every time that I ‘Generate a Flight’ in SimBrief.

Is this the correct behaviour as I understood from the SimBrief website that the download should be automatic?


Hi Toby,

When you generate a new flight plan, you should see a notification to the bottom right of your Windows screen (right above the task bar) that looks like this:


If you simply click this box when it appears, it will export the formats without needing to open the main window.

You can also right-click the SimBrief icon in your task bar and choose “Export Selected Formats” to export the formats without opening the main window:


Finally, there is a setting in the downloader to automatically export your formats every time, without needing to do anything:

Best regards,

Really appreciate your help, thank you.
I don’t have the ‘Always export’ option on which explains why it wasn’t doing it.
I don’t ever see the notification though below, could I have turned that off somehow?
Can I turn it back on?
Thank you