Simbrief import for the new WT 747/787

I assume this might be in the plans for Salty/Heavy Division, but it would be awesome if Navigraph would develop and support a small mod to the new AAU2 747/787’s that could be used to import flightplans directly from the FMC.


Great idea, would be a good addition to these aircraft given the updates in AAU2

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I tottally agree Papa, not only will it be easier for new simmers who just joined, but also for people who want to fly an airline route but they dont have enough time to manually input everything,


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Amazing idea, would be nice considering it would be easy to install with the amazing Navigraph Hub as well.

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See the below, some comments from the Navigrath team there

But this would be virtually same request.

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Hello everyone! Now that WT is allowed to make the SimBrief integration themselves, we believe that they should be the ones doing this as a first-party solution instead of us making a mod without support or documentation. They have already confirmed that the 787 will get it, so I think it is a reasonable assumption that they will make it for the 747 as well!

Link to the WT Discord channel where this feature was confirmed:

With this, I will consider this topic solved. Thank you for the feedback everyone, it is much appreciated as always!

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