WT787 simbrief intergration

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Would it be possible to make it easy to use simbrief and the new Working Title 787 for MSFS? (AAU2)

Previous intergation with Heavy Division mod was great and easy to use via Syncing can this be develop?


I would also like to see this implemented, WT are planning to get the EFB active for perf calculations, wonder if its possible for navigraph to bring sim rief import and maybe charts? Even if pdf would add alot of immersion

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Hello everyone! Thank you for showing interest in what undoubtedly would be a great feature.

Please be aware that in order for us to make this happen, Working Title needs to open up access to us in a similar way to what they did for the G3000, G5000 and (with the upcoming avionics update) G1000 units.

So far, this has not been done and we do not know if it will be before the eventual release of AAU2. This is not something we can control, but feel free to ask Working Title to take this into account!

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I just asked on there Discord. And Matt replied with the following.

The javascript files are all unencrypted, so I don’t think there would be an issue there

I see. I have added a follow-up - but he has basically confirmed that:

  • There are currently no plans on supporting plugins
  • Any chance at adding functionality would be in the not-yet-existing EFB, without official support meaning we would work in the dark

This does not sound promising at the moment, but rest assured that we will be monitoring the situation for any changes that would make this possible.

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Many thanks for following up. It would certainly be a great feature.

I think the EFB will come at a later date, they have referenced it a fair few times, and Matts teply to if it came woulld be easily modded. I remain optimistic!

Once again many thanks


This is awesome news, i cant wait…

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Had a thought yesterday if integration does come in the future with possible, inport / charts.

Another feature that would really improve the aircraft, and that is the taxi map that shows on the ND, a navigraph version would be much better, and would be able to see stand numbers etc

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Hi navigraph team,

Now that it is known the EFB wont becoming out in the aau2 but later and the javascript is not encrypted, will you be working on a mod that will enable this?

Please i hope you will.

If there is nothing to work with, it is quite hard for us to do anything or even speak to the possibility of us doing so. We’ll have to wait and see!

It’s also worth noting that WT are now officially allowed to do the SimBrief integration themselves, as per their Discord. This means that the integration could just as well be first-party, which should be much preferred over us making a mod with zero documentation.

Kind Regards,

Actually, on closer inspection WT has now said that they will be doing this themselves! That is great news, and I will consider this topic closed. Below is a link to their Discord:

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Is this talking about the default AAU2 787 that working title worked on, or is this talking about the working title mod for the pre-AAU2 787?

I was not aware that there were two different things?

As far as I understand, AAU2 is a forced update for everyone and it includes many updates made by the WT team for the 787. A future update will include a tablet, and they just announced that it will also get a SimBrief import function.

Am I missing something?

Sorry, I was mixing up working title and heavy division, a separate mod developer. Just disregard what I said before.

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