Latest Simbrief (2.21.0) 'Import to Charts' function only opens in previous (8.32) Navigraph version

Since the new version of Navigraph (8.33.0) has become available my Simbrief into Navigraph chart imports only end up in the 8.32.0 Navigraph version, i.e. the one without the “annotations” function. Downloading a separate, new Navigraph (8.33.0) app makes the Simbrief flight plans appear in it upon opening. This requires a separate step however. Is there something else required to make the Simbrief into the updated Navigraph chart importation seamless with the press of the one button in Simbrief?
Thank you.

Hi, it seems I needed to clear my browser cache for Charts to update to version 8.33.0. I was also seeing 8.32.0 until I cleared my cache.

Not sure if this is normal or not, I’ve reached out to the team internally about it.

Please try clearing your browser cache and trying again.

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Thanks for your fast reply. The problem I reported yesterday was simply gone today. Magic. I Didn’t have to do anything, but the browser cache clearance suggestion was a good one nevertheless. Just goes to show, there is merit in waiting. A lesson reaffirmed. Btw, the Navigraph Software is simply excellent all round and keeps on getting better. Big Thumbs UP.
Thank you. Cheers WilburPilot

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