Simbrief Downloader make the PC stuck

Since the resent update, Simbrief Downloader make the PC (Windows 7) work really slow.
Sometimes the Downloader uses more PC resource then the sim itself.
Please fix it.

Hi, I have tested it in Windows 7 and did not have this issue.

For troubleshooting, can you please provide:

  • Your exact Windows 7 version number
  • Whether you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows
  • Your PC specs (CPU, RAM, etc)
  • A screenshot of the Task Manager, showing the CPU/resource usage issue you’re having
  • Is the issue only present when the Downloader window is open on screen? Or does it go away when you minimize the Downloader to the task bar?
  • Does exiting and restarting the Downloader help at all (you can exit by right clicking the icon in the task bar and choosing “Exit”)?
  • Does the Downloader appear to be doing anything (is there a “loading” or “waiting” message)?
  • Any other information you can provide to help describe the issue


Thanks for the reply !

I have 64-bit Windows 7 (not really sure about the version)
Intel i7-6700K 4GHz
16GB of RAM
The downloader is minimized to the task bar
Yes, exiting is and opening it agin helps.
BTW the issue starts just couple hours after you have it running.
Here is a screen shot of the Task Manager : Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank you for your help,

Wow, that is definitely not normal.

When you exit and restart the Downloader, how long until it gets back to the usage in your screenshot? If you watch the Task Manager after restarting, can you see the resources increasing? Do they only increase when you open/use the Downloader, or even while it’s minimized? And how fast do they increase?

Also, can you open the File Explorer, and in the folder/address bar go to the following folder: %appdata%/SimBrief Downloader. You should see a file called “console.log”, can you upload that file for me? Or e-mail it if you prefer at: