Download of Simbrief PDF flight plan straight from app

Hi Navigraph Link,
It would be nice to have the ability to download the simbrief plan from Navigraph. The reason for this is to support the following workflow:

  1. PC: Create and edit plan in SimBrief
  2. InTablet App: Load plan from SimBrief
  3. In Table: Use navigraph Data and SimBrief Plan

I usually create the flight plans in my PC because I find it much nicer to operate sim brief. But at the time of using the sim, I read the plans and navigraph data from my tablet. Importing the simbrief plan into navigraph already works like a charm, but it would be very nice to also have the ability to download the PDF file into the mobile device straight from the navigraph App without having to login again from the tablet

May I suggest Simbrief Downloader, which does all this stuff automatically? You could set it up to download the flightplan automatically to a OneDrive / GDrive / etc. folder and just automagically see that FPL appear on your tablet.

Hi @Moridin thanks for the suggestion!

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