SIMBRIEF Crashes/ILS not lining

FS2020 A32NX NEO,create Flt Pln in Simbrief and from WORLD INPUT page I click LOAD Flight Plan from my downloaded created Flight Plan. It game then crashes at that point immediately or it will crash After takeoff. If I manually enter that plan it flies fine.
Secondly…I flew PANC-PAFA when I dropped down through the clouds (it looked like I should be lined up on final) I was a few miles to the left of the runway. No indication that I was not lined up.
Im going to try and completely delete Navigraph and download a new one.



When you create the flight plan in SimBrief check you are downloading it in FS2020 format. If still an issue please upload the flight plan.

Re PAFA alignment, maybe posts some screenshots showing the issue. Also please confirm there are no addon sceneries.


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