Please delete my error

User Error please delete.

My apologies all.

can you upload the Simbrief flightplan which you have created wirh AIRAX 2205 in Simbrief please? … I mean:

  1. the flightlan
  2. the file, which you try to import in P2A or in the Fenix A320

We need it to try to reproduce it

Thank you

Sure I will do. Just finishing a flight and I will do so. I will have to replicate it.

Ok my deepest apologies. I don’t know what is going on. Today EHRD - LECO the flight plan was totally messed up with doubling waypoints from simbreif to pilot2Atc.

Also the missing SIDS are back. I don’t know what has changed but it’s back and the plan now works as it should.

I’m sorry I don’t know why. It has never happened before I changed nothing.

This post can be deleted.

No problem … All is good. Fine, when its solved. All our apps uses the same source, so normally they should be in sync. But it can be possible, that some addons has limitations and e must filter some data or re-structure it to make it working. There for such reports, we need examples that we can look deeper into it.

Anyway, solved and thats great!

Nice weekend and happy flying

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