Simbrief Flightplan crashed MSFS

The new SimBrief looks OK, but there is a small but! After laying out a flight plan and after SimBrief saves it in the format for MFSF2020, the simulator crashes and goes to the desktop. I checked three times and the same thing happens. The same plan saved by SimBrief Downloader, loads into the simulator OK. The flight itself plotted according to the plan OK. Strange this is!!!

Regardless of the input data, MSFS should be written with lots of checks and balances to safely abort if it finds bad data. You cannot blame SimBrief developers.

However, if the problem is repeatable, from flight plan to file output to Sim crash, let the SB devs know and they can inform ASOBO directly. Possibly the data file formats were not clear, but no way should the sim crash importing data.

Good software would indicate which line in the file is in error, and what the error is.

And yes I like the new interface; day/night mode is a thoughtful feature.

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And do I blame anyone?!!

I just wrote it like it is!!! And I don’t change the content, it still crashes MSFS after saving the flight plan from SimBrief. It is good when the plan is saved by SimBreif Downloader…!!!

Hi, thanks for the report. That’s very strange, both methods should download exactly the same file.

Would you be able to upload both files (the one from the website and the one from the downloader) here so that we can check what is different about them?

To upload, simply right click the files on your PC, choose “Copy”, then right click inside your forum reply and click “Paste”.


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I think I made a mistake and through SimBrief I saved the flight plan for sim2004 and not sim 2020 :slight_smile: Through SimBrief Download I have already saved correctly. But please check. Probably I made a mistake and saved incorrectly. I noticed that there is a number “FS9” in the title of the flight plan.

EPKKEPRZ_FS9_16Feb23.pln (1.2 KB)
EPKKEPRZ_MFS_16Feb23_fmsdl.pln (6.5 KB)

Hi, yes, the “FS9” file is a different format and is meant to be used in FS2004.

Obviously the sim should not completely crash when you try to load it, it should instead show an error message, but that is an MSFS issue and not something we can control from our end.

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