Simbrief and RAD

Hi, I noticed that most of the flight plans generated by Simbrief do not pass the IFPS validation.

This is due to the fact that Simbrief ignores RADs when generating the flight plan.

Would it be possible to add this functionality to Simbrief in the future?

Thank you.

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Yes the simbrief route calculator is not really good in Europe for finding IFPS Route, but we have a team of user who add IFPS Route to give the best database possible. But there is a gigantic amount of restrictions a factor that can affect your route, which is changing every 28 days…
Just for your info, even the flight planner I use at work struggle to find IFPS route by himself, so we have to adjust segments of the route to not have a REJ message from Eurocontrol :sweat_smile:

If your route has not been added, you can always try to learn how to manually create your route when looking at the RAAD errors you get.

Moreover, the flight might appear in our Requested route list, which, I don’t know how it’s created.

If you have any question about a rad error or a route you usually struggle to, feel free to ask me.


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This is why you need to check IFPS validation if you really require an accurate route. Validation only applies to date and time for the submitted route, it could fail an hour later or at the same time the following day.

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Hi Hugo, in fact I know how to “solve” the errors returned by the IFPS validation on Eurocontrol, simply by checking the error it returns. The problem, in my opinion, is that too many times Simbrief gets it wrong in quite basic things (e.g. draws a course with wrong altitude).

Alternatively I use PFPX on which it is possible to install the updated RADs and I was wondering why Simbrief didn’t do the same.

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