Eurocontrol validation

HI. I’d likento know how ifps validation goes to simbrief database, is it when i validate the route that it saves for the next use in simbrief ?
It doesn’t seem this way because everytime i validate i don’t see it updated in my simbrief.

Hi, currently no. SimBrief cannot validate routes automatically with Eurocontrol. And it also cannot “see” when you validate one since that is done on a a separate website.

The IFPS compliant routes in SimBrief have been manually added to the database.

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Hi, regarding the addition to IFPS valid route into the datebase, is this made by Navigraph team ?
If yes, why not devlopping a community of “verfied” user that could be able to add valid route to the database ? (As a nearly professional Dispatcher, still a student… It would be a pleasure to provide valid routes to the Flight Sim community) :grin:

Hello @SimBrief @moderators

Can i please be added to the following list of verified users so i can provide IFPS validates route like my colleague Hugo.


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