SimBrief account question

How do I integrat my simbrief account to Navigraph?

first of all, please avoid hijack a existing topic - I have moved your question from the “Great Product” topic into a own. Thank you!

That´s not possible … why do you want this? I guess you have a Navigraph account, which you can use for “unlocking” the AIRAC in SimBrief. You don´t need any account sharings. Did I understand something wrong here?



I do have a Navigraph account, and I thought Navigraph could draw info on new flight plans from Simbrief, but the two systems need to be connected. Did I misunderstand the article in the website?


Thank you for clarifying. In the Charts apps you can pull information from Simbrief. Just go to Settings in the Charts app and enter your Simbrief username. Then you can use Flights > New Flight > From Simbrief to import your latest OFP.



Great thanks , done and it works wonderfully!!!