Sim Link sign-in not working

Sign-in not working for Simlink. Mac. “Please wait for user authe…”


Please uninstall Simlink and install latest Simlink. Please ensure your computer’s time is correctly synched and set.


Hi @Blucenturion ,

After reinstalling the Simlink application if you still face the issue. Please follow these steps.


Vishal Ahir

Same thing happening here. I was using it midflight, and suddenly I lost the A/C position in Charts. Simlink was no longer running, and when I tried to start it manually, the sign in procedure failed. Several times.

This is after signing in through the web browser. It gets stuck in that state.

Now it’s working again. I believe that some communications or server glitch was the cause of this issue, because before SimLink failing completely, the A/C position in Charts was suffering freezes for some time.

Thank you for the update. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.