SIDs and STARs problems with X-Plane 11.5

Tried out a GA autoroute flight from KTOL to KFLL . On the Charts display everything looked great but the GPS unit had extra waypoints on the KFLL STAR. I was flying the STAR East towards KFLL when the flight began on a heading not shown on the chart display. The erroneous waypoint was way out in the Atlantic as though it was part of a Westbound approach. (I am using the current FMS data 2211). On a flight from KFLL to KSAT both SID and STAR malfunctioned with extra waypoints far away from the intended flight path, even though the Charts display showed the correct route.
This never occured on the previous version. I reloaded the current FMS data but nothing changed.

thanks for the report but be so kind and tell us, which addon/airaft you are using and the exact name of the SID and the STAR that we can try to reproduce this.

Thank you very much for your help

I was flying the Beechcraft King Air C90B, Jonge Pionier Version.
KTOL to KFFL: No SID, STAR TEEKY3 Transition ZPLEN. Arriving at ZPLEN aircraft turned Southeast, can’t remember which waypoint it was headed for other than it was 440 nm Southeast from ZPLEN.
KFFL SID: GPS in NAV mode ignored several SID waypoints and began heading directly to BAGGS.
KSAT STAR: Arriving at MOLLR transition GPS NAV indicated that ACT (WACO, Tx) the next waypoint, about 160 nm Northwest from MOLLR.

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