Sid menu on navigrah charts

Hello Navigraph,
When looking for a certain SID, the SID menu itself does not all the SID’s; only the start of the list. So one has to click on all the SID on the label and OPEN each chart separately to see is the desired SID is listed on the chart itself.
For example, the SID menu at Charles DeGaulle airport LFPG had lots of them and it takes a long time to find the desired chart. This is very frustrating and time consuming.
Some airports have a complete listing and give the chart number which make it easy.

SO, I wonder if Navigraph had any way to solve this problem.
Thank you


2 ways to quicker find the right SID:

  1. Use the filter function at the top of the list to type part of the SID identifier.

  2. Use the SID overview and filter the SIDs using the Runway dropdown - click the desired SID in the diagram and open its chart.