Navigraph integration with traffic injector

We shall use your suggestion for potential enhancements and new functionality. So, please be as detailed as you can.
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We would like to see traffic from popular traffic injector displayed with Navigraph. Injector such as FSTL or else are popular and are used by most flight simulator enthusiast.
Having this traffic within Navigraph will make your app even more relevant for simmers

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Great idea, and one that has come up before! I am sure that at least part of your idea is covered by one of these:

Or do you mean real-world traffic? Because what FSTL is doing is likely not legal, and doing it the honest way would likely cost a fortune, unfortunately. However, if real traffic is what you are looking for, then the AI Traffic topic linked above should fulfill your needs.

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I meant ingesting FSTL traffic into Navigraph. I guess I didn’t know what they were doing was not legal.

I see. Then with regards to this feature request, a direct integration with an injector will never happen.

However, there is another topic open for bringing in AI traffic, which for all intents and purposes is likely to have the same functionality in the end!

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