Search Flights: Routes/Flightplans

I probably have well over 200 city pairings created (and growing) in the Flights menu. It would be great to be able to click/tap Flights, then for example type KJFK and see a list populate with all my routes departing JFK, as well as going to JFK. Particularly the latter, because sometimes there’s an event on Vatsim into a particular airport and it would be nice to search previous flight plans I might have created out of various locations to that particular destination.

Yes, there is sort by name or date, but the list eventually grows too long to scroll through efficiently.

Thanks for any considerations to this request.

Hi Ron,

The User Interface is a key part of the new Charts version, currently in development, with easy flight plan selection a high priority.

We shall take your helpful suggestions into account, thank you


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Thanks Ian!!!

Is there a common thread to make these suggestions or see others that were made? I’d like to submit them as I think of them, but I don’t want to clog up your form with multiple topics if not necessary.