Note-Taking Function

Hello! Love all the great stuff you all are doing but recently I thought of a very simple yet important and highly useful function that would be a fantastic addition to the Navigraph App, especially with the recent release of Navigraph on iPhones as well as iPads. I commonly find myself switching tabs between Foreflight and Navigraph to access the Navigraph Charts and the Foreflight maps and notepad functions but I realized Navigraph does the charts and maps function better and the only real reason I’m using Foreflight is to write down clearances, Atis information, etc. If this could be included in the Navigraph app it would save a lot of hassle and money :wink: Thanks so much!

Hi Scott,


Annotations and scratchpad are often requested features which are planned for a future update.

Please search on Annotations and Scratchpad:

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