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I change the computer and re-installed my PFPX on the new one but unfortunately no one of my preplanned route is loaded on the PFPX schedule

can you upload one example flightplan which you tried to load? Not sure, if this is really an issue concerning with our services, but I will try it …


The schedule on the PFPX is indicating blank.
I can only upload or create a new route but all my schedule route that were saved on my previous PFPX are not there ,even the aircraft data.

It certainly is not a Navigraph issue.

Have you copied your PFPX Data folder from the old PC to the new after the new PFPX install?

Yes, i copied my PFPX data folder from the old PC

As your schedules and fleet are contained in that folder and sub-folders then it should work.

Everything work perfectly when i use my old PC till now

Are you certain that you copied the whole PFPX Data folder to the PUBLIC DOCUMENTS folder of the new PC.

YES , let me try again with my IT team and get back to you.
Conform it has nothing to do with Navigraph ?

It has nothing to do with NG, send a PM if still in difficulties.

Please ,what you mean by PM

Personal message through the forum.

As this is not an NG issue I have sent you a personal message should you still require help.

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This is noted with thanks

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