SBRJ RNP Departures Wrong Initial Waypoint

Can the SBRJ RNP AR Departures be looked at? The initial waypoints for the departures are wrong. For example, the EVKOX1F RNP departure out of runway 02R, initial waypoint is supposed to be RJ039, but instead it is RJ038. Same thing happens for runway 20L, but flipped with the waypoints.

Checked with the FBW team and they tested it out with the default MSFS navdata and it was correct.

Appreciate an update on this.

thank you very much for this report - I have checked the data and it looks indeed a little bit strange because the first waypoint of 02R/20L are really swapped … We will check this with our data provider and will report you here the result. Please be patience and thank you very much for your help!


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