EGKA RNP 20 Missing

Shoreham EGKA RNP Approach Runway 20 is missing. The other end (Runway 02) approach exists in the database.

Specifically the RNP approach IAF BITLI, NITEN, ADURI and KA20F. The individual points appear in the database as waypoints, but are not coded as an RNP approach.

I have checked our data and we have both RNP approaches included. So, depending on your sim and/or addon, it´s an issue on your system, sorry.

Here from the MSFS WorldMap:

… directly from the stock 787 FMC:

… and here from the PMDG 737:

Sorry, not reproduce able - as you see, both approaches are included and select able.

Thank you, I discovered a conflict with ORBX Shoreham. For some reason having that scenery active, removes the RNP 20 approach!

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You’re welcome … Thank you for sharing your solution. Glad it is solved.

Enjjoy your day

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