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I have been reading about SayIntentions new ATC program and its ability to read the Navigraph data for airports. I am wondering what happens when the airport loaded does not match the MSFS data. I have not flown in MSFS yet because I have been waiting for a couple of developers to sign on. It is looking like the time has come. My issue with airports in general is that they generally do not match the real-world layout very well. Will there be an option in the future to somehow create matching airports?

I can only speak for the current sim situation and here, there is a clear NO at least from our side … we may not change the stock airports in any case (adding runways, removing runways or changing runway-idents).

ASOBO/MS has developed the WorldHub (which is currently in beta) for such changes and that should be the tool, where you can change such things.

According SayIntentions and how they will handle exactly this, there is a good video on you tube, where they explain in very details how will this handled:

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It Does. Thanks! Characters added to get to 20

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