SAEZ RW35 ILS-Y Fix Point CF35 mismatches Chart on FMS Airac 2106 rev2 Toliss

Buenos Aires SAEZ, ILS35-Y EZE 1 and EZE 2 mismatches the chart they are beyond final app route on FMS.
Its OK on charts.
Airac 2106 rev2 Toliss

I can confirm that, but it looks more a ToLiss bug because I have checked the procedure and the coordinates of the CF35. Both looks good and correct so far.

Here from google maps - you see the CF35 (red marker) is aligned with RW35 and not opposite.

Also, here the coordinates, which we have in our database (X-Plane dataset):
-34.985358333 -58.472236111 CF35 SAEZ SA 4607049

I guess, the bug is more because ToLiss (and possible other addons also) don´t check the airport-icao codes (SAEZ or SADP), only the region code (SA). The first CF35 with the region-code SA is the wrong one for SADP and not SAEZ and therefore you get the wrong path
-34.745844444 -58.541408333 CF35 SADP SA 4607049

The yellow ring is the wrong CF35 (for SADP), the red one is the CF35 (for SAEZ) :

Here what you have in the X-Plane data file - you see two CF35 in the SA area, but the first one is for SADP and the second one is for SAEZ. ToLiss takes the first one, which is the wrong one:

Sorry to say, but this is a bug in ToLiss (also in the Zibo737, where I have also tested this).

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