Route no longer carried over when prefiling on Vatism

Noticed the last couple of flights how the route no longer is carried over from SimBrief to the Vatsim prefile form after having generated the OFP in SimBrief.

Any idea why that is happening?

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I have experienced this too with my flights the last couple days. The route box is empty when doing a prefile for Vatsim

Experiencing this as well.

Came on here to check, and yup, I’m not the only one!

I’m sure the team will sort it out.

This should be resolved in a few minutes.
Simbrief does something weird when sending the “raw” flight plan to Vatsim. Used to work before we added some new validations on the Vatsim side.
I’ve messaged Simbrief, but a temporary fix to myVatsim is being deployed to mitigate it.

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I have also updated SimBrief’s prefile links now, thanks @marcelobarretto and everyone else for the reports.

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