Route File Export

Any possibility of request the PFPX, PMDG, Xplane files through the API? Like:


Hi, you can get download links for the various route/fms file formats as follows:

$link = $simbrief->ofp_obj->fms_downloads->directory . $simbrief->ofp_obj->fms_downloads->{code}->link;

Where {code} is the 3 letter code for the format you want to download. The 3 letter format codes for all of SimBrief’s formats are as follows:

Code Format Name
pdf PDF Document
abx Aerosoft Airbus
a3e Aerosoft Airbus EFB
crx Aerosoft CRJ
psx Aerowinx PSX 747
efb AivlaSoft EFB
ef2 AivlaSoft EFB v2
bbs Black Box Airbus
csf Captain Sim (PLN)
ftr FeelThere
gtn Flight1 GTN
vm5 FlightFactor 757 V2
vmx FlightFactor 767-777
ffa FlightFactor A320
fsc FS Commander
fs9 FS2004
mfs FS2020
fsl FSLabs A320
fsx FSX/P3D
kml Google Earth KML
ify iFly 737NG
i74 iFly 747 V2
xvd IVAO/IVAP (Default.fpl)
ixg IXEG 737 Classic
jar JARDesign Airbus
mdr Leonardo MD80
mda Leonardo MD80 (ACARS)
lvd Level-D 767
mjc Majestic Q400
mvz Milviz
vms phpVMS ACARS
pmr PMDG Flightplan
pmw PMDG Wind Uplink
mga Project Magenta
psm ProSim 737
qty QualityWings
sbr Sim-Avionics
sfp Squawkbox
tfd TFDi Design 717
ufc UFMC - Universal FMC
vas vasFMC
vfp vPilot
wae Wilco Airbus Evo
xfm X-FMC
xpe X-Plane 11
xp9 X-Plane 9/10

So, for example, to get the link for the PMDG .rte file, you would do:

$link = $simbrief->ofp_obj->fms_downloads->directory . $simbrief->ofp_obj->fms_downloads->pmr->link;

Which would result in a URL that looks something like:

Does this already exists before my post or you just included in the API? Could`t find on the documentation.

By the way, thanks a lot! :star_struck:

No problem! It has always existed, just not documented much yet.

Most of the available data in the XML file isn’t documented, but the nodes are named in a way that should be pretty straight-forward. Try opening a SimBrief XML file in a web browser and scrolling through it to see what kind of data is available, you might find other information you can use!

Best regards,

You are right, I’m sorry. Never needed to work with the whole XML, the PHP samples are so easy to understand that I don’t even tried to see the whole thing.

Happy Flying!