Rotate MD11 Nav dara

I think there may be a typo in your updater code where the nav data is showing very expired nav data ( yr. 2021 ) in the aircraft, however the actual data is current. So more of a cosmetic issue but I think this latest Airac update messed it up, as the FMS data prior to this cycle displayed proper dates. I loaded the Aircraft a few times just to be sure.

I have checked the files and all are up2date. Only the cycle-info.txt file is not updated because this file is outdated and will no longer be used.

This file was only designed for our support and was never be a part of any specification, not from us nor from any 3rd party developer.

Anyway, we have updated this file and uploaded it here but with the next cycle, it will be removed completely. Again, I’m not sure if this solve your issue because I don’t know if the MD-11 uses this internal file or not, but it’s worth to try I guess:


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