Rollback AIRAC cycle in Navigraph


Just wondering if it’s possible to rollback the AIRAC cycle in Navigraph?

The Problem: User of PMDG 737 on Xbox. The AIRAC cycle is old (2204) in the plane. Unable to update

Attempted Workaround: Rollback of AIRAC cycle in Simbrief to match plane, which is great. When I export to Navigraph, the current AIRAC cycle is being used and the plan does not match up with Simbrief or the 737.

Question: Can the Navigraph AIRAC cycle be rolled back or is this impossible due to the large volume of charts etc that would need to be rolled back.

Jay Green

Hi Jay,

Please see FAQ - Previous Navigraph AIRAC Cycles and 2204 nav data - #3 by Ian


Thanks, Ian. Hoping that we have a solution soon to update the data for the Xbox PMDG 737.


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