AIRAC 2204 Clarification for Xbox PMDG 737

I’m just wanting some clarification regarding the cycles for the PMDG 737. I understand the 2204 is what PMDG added to the 737 when it released and as a user you cannot update it. I’ve encountered errors due to what simbrief and the newest AIRAC cycle show when planning a flight. Reading some posts it’s been suggested that you use an earlier, such as 2203 in Simbrief. I’ve done that but it seems to have made no change in Charts. (Another issue noted by a user) The current cycle waypoints etc. are still there. My unlimited subscription lists say the last 6 or 8 cycles and 2203. The rest are “locked.”
So basically, we have to wait until PMDG updates-hopefully with the new 777? Is there another work around?

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At this time we are still awaiting PMDG to be able to update their aircraft navigation data in Xbox.

See also 2204 nav data - #3 by Ian


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