2204 nav data


I’m a new subscriber to Navigraph and really want to continue my sub, but due to the PMDG 737 for Xbox having outdated Airac nav data (2204) im having second thoughts.

Is it possible for Navigraph/Simbrief to unlock the 2204 nav data so us on Xbox have at least a matching nav data.

I know it seems based on length of subscription to who has what unlocked with airac cycles, I’m just hoping Navigraph can look into this as it’s in their best interests I would have thought as well, as it will mean more subscribers knowing they can get this older data for use with the 737 on Xbox.



yes, i agree.
i m also an unlimted subscriber and i m on xbox SX. Now that PMDG publish their products on xbox (i think that also the 777 will be coded on xbox) i will mainly fly their aircrafts. So it will be a nonsense to matain a Navigraph charts subscription if i cant have the correct SID STAR charts.

Possible solutions for me:

  1. allow on xbox the FMS airac update of aircraft using navigraph database (maybe publishing the FMS updates on the marketplace?……I will pay for them for sure!)
  2. allow xbox users to have access to all SID/STAR charts of the default PMDG aircraft cycle (for example cycle 2204 for pmdg 737)…….not the best solution but at least we can have correct match btw charts and FMS database.

I understand that the xbox is a close system but now, with WASM implementation, it has become a serious simming plattform with study level aircraft already published, the best of them using jeppesen data (PMDG).

Allow me to observe that both U, PMDG and Microsoft (and any software house publishing aircrafts in the future using navigraph database) will loose customers if we can t have at least the correct match btw charts ad fms data.

My personal opinion is that, after wasm implementation, the xbox community of serious simmers is going to increase in the future.

I cant believe that we cannot find a solution………and in this case, well, sorry but i will go back to routefinder and cancel my Navigraph account

just my two cents on this

all the best

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We understand your frustration. We hope eventually to have an update mechanism for the PMDG AIRAC on xBox.

You should be able to access AIRAC 2203 at SimBrief? This is close to the 2204 in the PMDG?




Yep this one I heard is pretty close, in the mean time though Im not bothering with 737 purchase until I see positive news about up to date airac nav data.
I will however purchase the BAE 146 on xbox which has simbrief integration and up to date nav data, so I will continue to use Navigraph, all be it on and off as I don’t get loads of time to play MSFS.
Im impressed with Navigraph charts app and Simbrief, the navi charts app is brilliant.


Just as info, to avoid some possible more frustration … the BAE146 for XBox uses the stock navdata on XBox. So, the SimBrief integration is good but only the half mile because the datasources are different (SimBrief = Jeppesen, MSFS stock = NavBlue + the freeware FAA database to be more complete in the US area).


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Ah thanks for the info. Even so its nice having the better integration with being able to import SB flight plan and view charts on the BAE 146.

Absolutely, yes … but PMDG is also working on it :slight_smile:

Have a nice sunday and enjoy the sim,

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Thank’s and you. I will get the 737 when this happens hopefully then.