RNAV (RF legs) approaches w PMDG

Over the past couple days, i have had nav database problems w PMDG 737s (800 and 900 used). On multiple RNAV approaches w RF legs, the curve to final has been missing the psudo points to make the curve, even though it correctly had them on legs earlier on the procedures. In all three cases it occurred at the end of the “transition” portion of the approach.

*KDEN, RNAV-Z 17R from QWIKE (no RF between PAYOG and JNKBX)

*PHOG - RNAV-Z 02 from HOMAI (no RF between WOREK and WASBA)

*KGPI - RNAV-Y 02 from SKOTT (no RF between TIYUT and JUNRO)


Hi Daniel,
sorry, this is a PMDG limitation … the RF-pseudo waypoints are only a workaround from us to “translate” such RF-legs. There are few points what we must consider (and must make some compromises) when we “build” the terminal procedures, but here the two important ones:

  1. to avoid double waypoints, we remove the last waypoint from a transition (the last waypoint on the transition is the same as waypoint on the final approach). When this waypoint is now a RF leg, it will be removed

  2. the leg distances of the RF leg - when it´s too short it makes no sense to create a pseudo waypoint - I haven´t looked into the code at the moment but I guess, the minimum distance must be > 5 nm

All in all, it´s a workaround since several years but PMDG works hard to implement a more or less modern database in their addons, where such workarounds are not necessary any longer.

Hope that makes something clearer,

I don’t remeber seeing these “half” RF curves. Has it always been like this? I have manually built the Alaska RNP’s, so I know that it is possible. Is it just an odd coincidence that the last three approaches i have tried have had this happen? Hopefully the long-awaited pmdg format change won’t be too much longer.


Hope my tone didn’t come across as combative. I’m generally curious and surprised that I’ve never come across this before.


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