RNAV not loading

Not sure who to blame!
I have ORBX LOWZ addon. I have the latest patch for MSFS. Also the latest Navigraph data. And the latest G3000 mod.
And the RNAV into LOWZ shows up in the G3000 but it won’t load into the flight plan or show up on the mfd map or the vfr map.
Other RNAVs that I have tried show up fine and load correctly.
I know the TBM does not properly fly RNAV yet but it does track then horizontally and I can manually fly the altitude. Very useful in the Austrian mountains!
Any help please.

Hi Richard,
the RNAV approach into Zell/See (LOWZ) is a CTL approach, without a runway ident:

I don´t know the logic behind the G3000 and the VFR map but the RNAV-A approach is included (as you see in the screenshot from the WorldMap) and also, when you try as an example the same with the WorkingTitle CJ4 (which uses their own flightmanagement and not the in-game flightmanagement):

After a few tests with such CTL approaches (approaches without a runway-ident, ie. LYTV the NDB approaches), I assume, that approaches without a runway-ident will not be shown on the VFR map. But thats a general limitation and is navdata independent (so, this happens with the stock data also).

Sorry, looks like a sim limitation …

Thanks - I had wondered if it was the lack of specific runway.
But the odd thing is that I have got it to work in an earlier version - but not sure what of!

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