RIVET3 arrival

The RIVET3 arrival isnt working for me. (A32NX MSFS) It is adding the TESAT waypoint for a 34L ILS even though that should only be added for 16R, 16L, 25 and 07

sorry, I can´t reproduce it and TESAT isn´t a part of the RIVET3 STAR for 34L/R in our data. We don´t have this waypoint in this STAR and also not in the IL 34L/R …

Here a screenshot from the worldmap - I have selected RIVET3 and ILS34R - no TESAT in the flightplan:

… but aware, the WorldMap, A320 and general all aircrafts which are using the in-game flightmanagement are very buggy. You can try the same with the WorkingTitle CJ4 as an example, because the WT CJ4 uses their own flightmanagement and not the in-game one and therefore the procedures are normally all correct as coded in the database. The in-game flightmanagement is very limited and basic.


Ah okay. Thanks for your help, I’ll give it a go in the WT CJ4.

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