Revert to previsous version

How can I revert to the previous version ?
All my flight plans have disappeared !
Not a good surprise !


It isn’t possible to revert to the previous version.

We are working on a migration from the old Flights storage (Charts 7) to the new one (in Charts 8). We hope to have an update on this soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.



What about those of us that already upgraded? Are all of our charts gone? If so where was the warning telling us all data would be deleted?

The coming migration will bring back all the data from Charts 7 also for those who have upgraded. No data is lost. It will just be temporarily unavailable while we are working on migrations.

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In retrospect I wish this feature had been added before releasing Charts 8 as it effects many people and there was no warning that flights would disappear. If warned I could have just waited until the migration was done.



All flights have now been restored. Please check.



Yes, they are back and functional. That was quick, thanks!

Yes they have ! Thanks a lot !

Hi, Everyone

I am experiencing an error about installation.

Actually, I am not getting any trouble/error messages, but Although I closed all firewall, the installation panel suddenly disappears while installation,

Does anyone experienced this situation before ?

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