Revert to Old UI

Is there any way to revert to the previous layout of SimBrief?

The new mobile first submenu hell scape of a redesign is a huge step back almost doubling the amount of interactions required to plan a flight, greatly increasing the use of system resources and placing everything into a pointless submenu. It has destroyed what made SimBrief work so well. Not to say it is all bad, It is quicker to get the OFP PDF. There is at least that!

Using it on an iPad for example, it works great. That is where mobile first design makes sense. For a desktop based flight simulator tool, not so much.

Hi, unfortunately no. The old interface was really old and had a lot of problems that were holding back improvements.

But I am curious about your comments, if you could elaborate? The redesign has been out for over a month and has been used by over 150,000 users so far. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone say that it takes more interactions to plan a flight. The overall flow was kept pretty similar, at worst I feel like it takes the same amount of interactions, and in many cases less than the old one.

What screen resolution are you using? Would you be able to send a screenshot of how the interface looks for you? Perhaps there’s a bug that is affecting your specific browser or resolution that we aren’t aware of yet.

Otherwise, can you detail the steps you’re taking to plan a flight, and which ones in particular are less convenient? For example, what page do you start on, what button do you click to start a new flight, and so on.

Appreciate any feedback you can give,

I would be glad to elaborate, I am running a typical 16:9 display, 1920x1080, the additional interactions comes from rarely using automatic options and manually inputting a lot of data, once the OFP is produced the flood of dropdown options greatly increases the interactions instead of before when it was all laid out to see. This works great on my EFB but it is rather clunky for a desktop.

Key places to note in which interactions are greatly increased are:

  • Selecting the aircraft type to fly, especially when using custom airframes. This goes from two interactions to three.

  • Modification of PAX, Freight and ZFW now requiring a movement from your mouse to keyboard.

  • When using the program in a split screen with flight information on the other page, menus are now found within a side mounted expanding bar.

  • To see flight plan downloads, one scroll is replaced with an additional click and a scroll.

  • Airport weather now fills the entire screen which increases scrolling required to see weather.

Not to say it is all bad, having the PDF one click at the top a few seconds.

Thanks for the feedback, it is noted.

With regards to selecting custom airframes, just note that you can directly select your custom airframe without needing to select a base type first. So it can still be 2 interactions for this:


I have to say, that I really enjoy the new layout. Particularly that we now have numerical boxes instead of drop down menu’s. It makes putting in relevant numbers much easier.


Hi, I am also interested in the old UI.

I have a very old iPad, that I always used to create my flight plan, and then open the PDF.
The new UI does not work on the old iPad, so having access to the old SimBrief would be brilliant.