OFP Layout

My last flight plane what I made it was a some/more weeks ago.
Today I created flight plan and the layout was different what I use to it.
My question is, the default SimBrif Dispatch layout have been changed? If yes when was that date?

Sorry, I changed the layout option. Ignore abouwe ^^ message.

However, do you have any detailed manual what covering all options what available on the OFP with some sample images the more detailed descriptions for layouts and other options. I readed the
" [How do I read this flight plan and I find only this section from How do I read this flightplan?) and how I can know from the 23 layout option is how they are looks like?

(SimBrief.com - User Guide)) ", but I did not find detailed info from thinks.

It is possible to do something more use full explanation/manual from Dispatch?



There are currently no interactive OFP examples for the other layouts, other than LIDO and BAW.

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