REQUEST: make it harder to "unload"

Can you color the UNLOAD button red, and perhaps place it in a location that is not coincident with another button in that window set/location?

For good measure, can you ask for a confirmation for an UNLOAD?

Yes, I’ve done this twice now, not meaning to!

* Orest

Please do not add another confirmation to the unload, it works perfect as is, we don’t need to start asking “Are You Sure?” for everything, it will start working like Simbrief, which has way too many confirmation dialog boxes…

maybe a setting where where you can turn on/off this double checking, as I think some people like to be ask just in case they hit by mistake a wrong button.

But if one unloads by mistake, one can just load it back. When Charts 8 came out there was no explanation of what unload meant, and I was concerned it might delete the plan I just made, which would not be nice. There used to be a save button as I recall on Charts 7, but I don’t think it exists on Charts 8. Now I understand the function. But I also do not want a confirmation button on every unload request.