Import Button - Minimizing extra clicks


On the mobile app of charts you can of course import solely SimBrief flight plans as opposed to both File and SimBrief on the desktop. And that got me thinking, since theres only one option for one import once you tap on ‘‘Import Flight’’ would it be easier and simpler that pressing that button would automatically serve as a SimBrief import, saving an extra click since we only have the one option of imports anyway. Or would that make it less intuitive when moving between using Charts on mobile versus desktop?

Side note on this: Would be cool to have an option in settings that when you import SimBrief flight plans, it will automatically load the latest one you created. And should people not want that they could turn it off (or on if off by default).

Mere suggestions that i wanted to pinch, if its not possible then thats totally fair!


Thank you for your feedback!

For the first item, we are contemplating adding other import methods also on mobile so for now we plan to keep this even though it is an extra step right now.

The second one is something we’ll consider!

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