Unable to remove pinned charts

Hi Navigraph team,

when importing a flightplan from simbrief, there are a few maps pinned on the pinboard automatically. I am not sure but I remember that in the past the charts were able to remove from the pinboard. That does not work at the moment. When I go to thet needle with blue colored field and press on it to remove from the pinboard, nothing happens ?! Sometimes you got a runway change and have to add some charts and it wuld be nice to remove the wrong ones …

greets Klaus

You should be able to if you disable “Sync with Flight”.


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Hi @CptBayer ! Thanks for posting!

@dchilders Is completely correct! Disabling the “Sync with Flight” option will let you resume manual control of the pinboard.

If you do not see this switch in the bottom left of your pinboard, chances are that you have minimized it. Here is what it looks like minimized vs. not minimized! You toggle this with the arrow button to the right.



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