Release Notes for Charts 8/ Saved Flights Search Function

I see that there is an update to version 8.17 but still no release notes that I can find anywhere. There is a Release Notes thread under Charts but it references version 7. Not sure why the Developers cannot get rid of that old thread which pertains to Software that is not available and start posting Version 8 Release notes there so we will know what has been fixed with each update in a place that customers have grown used to finding them.

Is there any word on when we can expect a search function to find our saved routes instead of having to scroll through the very long list? Typing in an airport identifier that would bring up routes created for that airport identifier and then allow us to select the one we want would be great. Just search the flight name string for that string of letters.



The changelog is published on our website: Charts Changelog

We did not update some forum threads to reflect this - sorry. I have now updated the Release Notes category here to point to the above link.

The flight searching/filtering/sorting is high up in our list and will come in one on the next releases.



Awesome and thanks for quick response!