Redirect API: Destination Alternate

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one humble request regarding the redirect API:
Is it possible for you to take a look at how the destination alternate is currently implemented?

Currently, when using the input “altn”, SimBrief will only insert the ICAO Code in the “Flight Info” section, at the top of the website. The ICAO in the “Alternate Airports” section will stay empty, as well as runway, altitude, route, which will result in SimBrief generating the OFP with a DCT routing.
It does not seem like it is intended that way?

Also, adding the altn inputs from the normal js API, like “altn_1_id”, “altn_1_route” and so on, to the redirect API, would be amazing as well. But I don’t want to ask for too much ^^

Thanks a lot!


Thanks, sending the ‘altn’ parameter should be fixed now - the alternate airports section should now populate correctly.

Adding the other ‘altn_…’ inputs may also come eventually, but will take a bit more work.

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