R6034 on startup

When starting FMS Data manager I am getting R6034 error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the redistributable and the data manager. Attached are the versions of the redistributable and my log file.

20220810-094808.log (45.1 KB)

Thanks for any help.

do you need all the redist-packages and do you know, what they do in which application? I ask because the FMS Data Manager install the redist-package automatically, if files are missing or not found. This error said only that you have multiple msvcr90.dll files on your system and a path in the PATH-setting which linked to two different path with this version.

Therefore, I would remove all Redist-packages, un-install the FMS Data Manager, reboot the system and would try to re-install the FMS Data Manager to see, if it´s fixed.


Thanks for the suggestions. Initial steps did not work but it turns out a program I did not need had set an environment variable causing the trouble. Uninstall and I am good to go.


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