Question: Fixed incorrect REFU navlog value in the DLH layout

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I have done a flight today using the DLH Layout and I saw that my actual fuel values at waypoints differ way more than usual from the PLN value from the OFP.
On closer look I have seen the bug fix entry “Fixed incorrect REFU navlog value in the DLH layout” from the System Changelog.

I have used the DLH Layout for many years now, so I became quite used to the meaning of these PLN values. It always meant that “we expect you to have this much fuel on board if you took of with the PLNTOF fuel value”.
Could you please elaborate the change of this bug fix? It seems like the meaning of this value has changed.

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Hi, sorry for the confusion, yes the REFU column has been changed now since it was incorrect before.

Before, it showed the planned fuel, whereas now it correctly shows “required fuel” (aka “mininum fuel”) instead.

Basically this is the planned fuel minus any contingency or extra fuel you took off with, which makes it easier to determine if you still have enough fuel to arrive at the destination with the required reserves. This is how real DLH OFPs work so the SimBrief layout has been updated to match.

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