Bug Report

I hope I can post this bug report here…I haven´t found any other place.

I noticed the fuel planning on the LIDO OFP in the waypoint section is wrong.
Fuel is calculated including the contingency fuel which is not correct.

SimBrief’s default LIDO format displays EFOB (Estimated Fuel on Board), not MFOB.

Different airlines choose to display different data on their OFPs. Some choose to show the MFOB without contingency fuel, while others only show the EFOB.

If you prefer, some examples of SimBrief OFP formats which display the MFOB include: ACA, DLH, EIN, EZY, and UAE. Probably a few others as well.

I choosed the LH format and it´s showing the EFOB instead of MFOB.

Oh I see. Your initial post referenced the LIDO format so I did not know you meant the LH format.

Try it again, I fixed that bug earlier today.

Best regards,

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