PSX Navdata Ident Question (confirmation actually)


I visited this issue a while back, never seemed to get an answer/solution and eventually had to move on to other things.

So, I have manually installed the current navdata cycle, as per the instructions given on the “correct mapping…” thread. This was apparently successful, and I can see that the new navdata cycle option appears withing the instructor panel under about. I have then selected the new cycle, checked the applicable disclaimers and quit to restart the application.

Now, when I check the relevant ident page in the CDU, I see that the cycle is posted as a 2017 cycle which is obviously a change over the default 2014 cycle. Is this just a glitch in the way the data cycle is presented on the CDU or is there another issue I am encountering?

I know some people get very irritated by certain questions, but I can tell you I have spent hours reading and trying to figure this out and have come back to it many times and still draw the same blank.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the CDU displays the cycle incorrectly but to rest assured that it is in fact on the right one. I have test-loaded a few airports and can verify that the SID’s look to be current, but I would just like a final confirmation.

Much obliged…


Hi Dan,

No irritation here :grinning:

If you have indeed placed the PSX download as per instructions at Correct PSX Mapping for the FMS Data Manager, you should be able to see the updated cycle info in the CDU as it is included in the data. You have confirmed the SID’s look current, which suggests you have loaded it correctly.

If not I would check the PSX forum especially if you “seem to recall reading somewhere that the CDU displays the cycle incorrectly”.


Hello Ian,

Thanks for your reply. I suppose that I probably at least had to have done one thing right in order for the cycle to show up in the instructor panel?

However, irrespective of which cycle I select there - default or 2303 - the cycle date displayed in the IDENT page on the CDU shows MAR30APR27/17 as ACTIVE and MAR02MAR30/17 as previous which supposedly is the default NAVBLUE.

I have attempted to install the cycle via the manual process and from the data manager as described in the aforementioned link - but still only see the “17” cycles in the CDU irrespective of which cycle is selected.

Not questioning your response here at all Ian but for verification are you able to see the cycle displayed correctly in the CDU page on your setup?

If so, I’ll have to take this up with Aerowinx as you advise.

Thanks again Ian…


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