NavData Out of Date XP 12 SF50


I can’t seem to get the NavData update on SF50 in XP12.

I updated through FMS Data Manager and have the current cycle, (2211), however I get the Alert of Out of Date in the G1000.

Any suggestions

thank you


Hi Fernando,


I imagine the SF20 uses the default X-Plane 12 navdata, which your screenshot suggests you have updated.

Please check FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date, particularly para 3.

Otherwise please check you have correct X-Plane 12 path in FMS Data Manager Settings. Maybe provide screenshot to confirm.


Hello Ian

The only way I get the NavData to work is by downloading the file from the FAA and changing the name to earth_424-dat, but not using the FMS Data manager with my active subscription.

In the FMC it still shows the 2208 cycle. Please see screenshot.

Any suggestions?

thank you


Hi Fernando,

In FMS Data Manager Settings tab, please provide screenshot showing your X-Plane 12 path.

Please provide screenshot of Windows Explorer view of X-Plane 12 folder with sub folders.

Also please remove any non standard files like earth_424-dat.

We are seeking:


Thank you Ian

Here are the screenshots

Hi Fennando,

Just realised you were on a mac.

It looks like you may have copied folders and files outside of FMS Data Manager.

Here are my iMac folders :

I suggest you remove earth_424-dat ?

Resources should be at the top folder level.

Navdata should be in GNS430.

Might be time for a clean reinstall of X-Plane 12 ?


Problem Fixed and also got back International Airports by doing the folder re-arrangement you suggested

thank you very much


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