Proposal on payment method

As a Chinese user, I can guarantee that Alipay is a very popular payment method in China. Many websites have started to support Alipay (such as steam and Microsoft). This is very attractive and convenient for Chinese users. Many Chinese users purchase navigraph subscriptions from third parties due to inconvenient payment methods, which causes unnecessary waste of money and will have a negative impact on your company’s marketing strategy. With the launch of fenix320 and its high binding with your products, it is certain that more Chinese users, including me, will choose your products, but only if we have enough convenient and formal payment channels. As for the support of payment methods such as Alipay, it is very easy. They provide developers with many useful APIs. This function should be easy to implement.
In short, this is a good strategy for your company to expand the market and marketing. This is an important condition for players to get a better experience.
thank you!


We will consider this and other payment options in the future if there is sufficient demand. Right now we don’t see enough demand for Alipay to justify the cost of development and integration, but we will continuously monitor the demand.